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Do You Hear Those Crows

Role: Director,  Animator,  Compositor

I had the opportunity to a direct an experimental capstone film illustrating the the poem "Do You Hear Those Crows" by Dalton Day.  Through analog and digital techniques, I explored the connection between emotion and landscape hinted at in the imagery of the poem. DYHTC was produced in 2021 and is a Finalist for the Student Academy Awards. The film is starting its festival run in 2022.

In its early stages, the multimedia concept of the project placed it among the stop motion films, and I was surrounded by their process and critique. 
I began to learn about  multi-plane animation and fabrication and went on to take an introductory stop motion class, as well as animate FX for one of the films. 

Early multiplane exploration

Since the start of quarantine, the film transitioned to 2D animation.
I continued to experiment with ways of evolving shots conceptualized as 3D and Stop Motion using hand drawn methods. 

Process of adapting the 3D flyover concept to 2.5D in After Effects

Process of compositing 2D animation as embroidery. 

Early Style Exploration 

The Poem:

Do you hear those crows they are announcing death but the mystery is the death of what? Let's guess. I'll say Summer. I'll say Summer's body was finally ready to give out & go home & listen to the unnameable birds, birds we will never see nor hear because what are we? I am bones. You are bones too. You are more deliberate than I am here. When you speak I like to listen to you because when you speakit feels like hearing a story about the first time somebody saw the ocean, no matter what you're saying. Those crows have never seen the ocean & that in itself is its own kind of death, probably. Maybe Summer isn't dead after all. Maybe Summer has just dug a hole in the dirt somehwere & is ready to lay down for a while & dream of all the things that happen while Summer is gone. Bones turn into trees. We manage to stay warm. Wings disappear.

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